Paleo Breakfast Ideas On The Go

Paleo Breakfast Ideas On The Go.

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“Quick & Healthy Breakfast Recipes – How to Prepare Chia Porridge – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. The next recipe that I will be showing you is a Good Morning Chia Porridge.”
This recipe will feed a family of four,you can prepare this recipe the night before and refrigerate which makes this ideal for a quick breakfast for all the family.
If you liked this quick breakfast recipe then check out this quick and easy paleo chili recipe
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Paleo Breakfast Bar

Paleo Breakfast Energy Bar


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“Paleo Breakfast Energy Bar
1 cup almond flour
1/2 cup coconut flour
1/4 cup cinnamon
1/3 cup ground flax
1 banana
1 apple
2 eggs
1/4 cup dried cranberries
2 tbsp ghee
Add your dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Mix your wet ingredients together in a separate bowl. This includes a mashed banana, grated apple, two eggs, cranberries, and ghee. Slowly add dry ingredients to wet ingredients. Pour mixture into a greased glass baking pan. Bake at 375 for 35-40min. Let cool for 30 minutes. Cut into squares, can be kept in fridge for 10 days or frozen for 1 month.”
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Paleo Breakfast Smoothie

Paleo Recipe: Fruit Smoothie

This awesome smoothie is ideal to kick start your day or straight after a workout to replenish your energy levels.

The paleo coconut milk breakfast smoothie provides your body with healthy fats and vitamins.Remember good fats are your allies not your enemy.

Paleo Breakfast Smoothie

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Tasty Paleo Pancakes

Pancakes The Paleo Way

This is a new twist to the good old traditional pancakes just like your mother use to make but with one key difference it’s the paleo way.

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“Here is a quick video on how I made my simple paleo pancakes! If your bananas are ripe enough you dont need the honey, and you can also use stevia or any other minimally processed sweetener, but using the raw honey keeps it true to the Paleo rules. You can also use a very natural butter :)… Keep in mind, these aren’t your average pancakes lol but they are pretty good for not having any carbs and processed gunk”

If you want a awesome basic paleo diet menu click here 
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Basic Paleo Diet Menu

Basic Paleo Diet Menu

Here below is a basic paleo diet menu that takes a few minutes to prepare so it is suitable for people whom have a busy life style.Even thore this is really basic it is still nutritious and very tasty.The diet uses a variety of different foods that can be  combined to make different recipes and meals  not like a lot of the diets that are marketed out there for weight loss which results after time you getting fed up and bored resulting in going back to your bad eating habits.

For a more comprehensive view of the paleo diet other then this basic paleo diet menu i recommend the paleo recipe book which has over 370 different paleo recipes such as main menus,dinners,desserts,breakfast’s and snacks to stop you from ever  wondering what kind of meal or snack to have next on this awesome diet.

The Basic Paleo Diet Menu

Paleo Breakfast

  • 3-4 Omega-3 Enriched Eggs
  • A mix of frozen vegetables
  • 10-15g (a tablespoon) of coconut oil
  • Instructions: Melt frozen vegetables and coconut oil on a frying pan, add eggs and some spices and fry until ready.

paleo chili recipe

Paleo Lunch

  • 3 Chicken thighs
  • Mashed Sweet Potatoes
  • Some vegetables

basic paleo diet menu

Paleo Dinner

  • 3 Burgers without the bun
  • Salad
  • Butter
  • Fry the burger patties in butter, on a frying pan. Eat a salad with them. If you like, throw some extra virgin coconut oil on the salad.

paleo dinner

Basic Paleo Diet Menu Video

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Paleo Diet Advice

Paleo Diet Advice what You Need To Know

The paleo diet advice on this site is to give you a brief introduction to the diet sometimes referred to as the caveman diet or the paleolithic diet.For a full explanation of the diet you should check out the website below.

For More Information Go To The Official Paleo Diet Site

Let me explain the paleo diet really is not just a diet its a way of life its not like most of the diets that are out there that are fads diets that are only there to make money for the people that churn them out.Don’t get me wrong you might lose weight initially but it’s not some think you can sustain so eventually you go back to your bad eating habits and put all the weight back on and if not more.

But the paleo diet is different it goes back thousands of years to our ancestors when we were hunter gatherers before agriculture,where we started growing grains which started the downfall of a natural diet.You see our bodies never adjusted properly to grains that had to be processed to make such things as bread, corn, rice, pasta etc.Our bodies were designed for eating natural sources such as meats, seasonal fruits, vegetables, berries and nuts etc.

This is why the diet is a success for weight loss and all round health by reverting back to how our ancestors ate.paleo recipe book

It doesn’t help that our governments of today advocate that we should be eating at least six servings a day of grains, why you should ask they do this when people are getting more fatter and obese? well it could be down to money it is a lot cheaper to supply a nation with grains and processed foods then it is to supply a nation with awesome natural foods.But we can turn the tables on being fat and obese by using this diet.

Paleo Diet Advice Video

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